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Use to search for properties in our local neighborhoods. Collect your favorites and save your searches with our online neighborhood database.

Get Connected!

Contact a team member to schedule a showing and take a look at properties in person.

Transparent: Knowledgeable

Our small team lives, works and plays in East Boston and can provide deep and wide community information and market knowledge so that you make the right purchase at the right price. Real estate transactions are complicated. We promise to help make the process simple and transparent so that you can make smart, informed decisions.

Shop Locally.

Not all neighborhoods are the same! Why not work with an expert in your search area? A local agent has superior market insight and a working knowledge of the current inventory.

  • Personal: A good local agent will have friends and clients that can be made available for reference if necessary. While getting information from your agent is nice, hearing directly from the people who live nearby is even better. market insight and a working knowledge of the current inventory.
  • Professional: An experienced local agent networks with other agents to get advanced info about homes that may be coming to market or learn about a seller who has made a decision to reduce their list price. Sometimes this valuable information doesn’t make it to the web for at least 24-48 hours.
  • Tuned In: Local agents are aware of upcoming changes that may affect the housing market. With an ear to the ground, our team stays in rhythm with the heartbeat of the neighborhood.